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An Autumn To Remember

An Autumn To Remember - Joy Galloway This book follows the story of Jamie and Chelsea, two childhood friends who are torn apart when Chelsea's family move to England in her teens.

Eight years later, their worlds collide again when Chelsea moves back to Elmtown. It's at this point that their friendship begins to turn into something more, something deeper.

The two characters in this book are worlds apart, social standing and years of distance has altered both of their lives. The story is driven by a connection that time or space cannot erase, and a drive to follow one's passions.

An overbearing mother, dark secrets and one jealous boyfriend all stand in the way of Jamie and Chelsea's relationship, but can they survive the struggles along the way? You must read it to find out.

I found this book to be enjoyable and light hearted. It was easy to read, the dialogue was easy to follow, and in a relatively short book, the characters began to feel real as well as very relatable.

For a young adult reader, who loves romance, I would suggest this book.

This is Joy Galloway's debut novel, the first in what I hope to be a very long series (fingers crossed).

Liked it, I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a romance, and I cant wait to read more.