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Publishing My First Book

— feeling amazing
The Luminous Illusion - Stephanie Dougan

So, my book reviews fell by the wayside. Sorry about that. But to be fair a lot has been happening. I got a new job, I discovered The 100 and Game of Thrones, and my debut novel got published. 


The Luminous Illusion was my baby, it still is. When my contracts arrived one Saturday morning, everything else faded into the background. For a year I worked with my editors to get the manuscript up to a standard that everyone was happy with. For me this was extremely hard. Not because editing spelling and punctuation is hard, but because I am without a doubt my harshest critic. I had severe moments of panic and doubts about actually releasing my book to the public. I knew that one day, critique would inevitable, and that I would just have to grit my teeth and grow a thicker skin. I think I'm getting there, slowly but surely I'm building up my social media pages, tweeting about my book in an attempt to raise awareness of its existence and growing in confidence. And it's all getting a little easier as each day passes by. 



I do plan to dedicate more time to this blog. I want to spend more time actually reading as that also fell by the wayside. I will post more reviews and keep you updated with writing and the whole publishing experience in general.




Stay with me people!


Steph x