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The Sweet Evil Trilogy by Wendy Higgins


The Sweet Evil Trilogy is a gorgeous collection of well written, witty, romantic books that I just couldn't put down.


The story is told from Anna's perspective, half angel, half demon. Anna stumbles into the world of demons, Dukes and Nephilim when she meets Kaidan Rowe, son of the Duke of Lust at a gig one evening. From this moment on, her life changes for ever, when she becomes the only hope for the Nephilim to rid the world of their fathers, the evil Dukes.


Every single relationship in this trilogy was so well developed, Wendy Higgins never spared a single detail. It was fast paced, but also hugely descriptive and that kept my interest throughout the trilogy.


Her relationship with Kai is the main focus of course. It is both heart warming, touching and cheeky that of course it will appeal greatly to the young adult market. It has enough teenage/young adult angst in it to keep you completely entertained.


I was not disappointed throughout the final battle against the Dukes, Wendy took her time, drawing me in with every single word. There were plenty of losses and causalities as I would have expected, but the ending was just perfect.


This is the perfect trilogy for you if you love fantasy/paranormal books, and especially if you love romance. You will not be disappointed.


Also, the actor Adam Gregory is exactly how I pictured Kai the whole way through.