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The Shatter Me Series by Tahereh Mafi


This month, I read the Shatter Me trilogy by Tahereh Mafi.


I will start off by first saying, that I thoroughly enjoyed this series, and even more so now that Tahereh Mafi has said 'maybe' to writing a fourth book, set after Ignite Me.


Fingers Crossed.


The whole trilogy was fast paced from start to finish. I felt that the pace was both easy and enjoyable to read.


Although the main character Juliette's challenge is to overcome the boundaries of her physical condition, which is in fact in many ways, a gift, it was not the challenge that I felt Tahereh focused on.


I felt like Juliette struggled with her relationships more so, although yes, her relationships and power go hand in hand, as she can't touch anyone without killing them. But I felt that the author focused a lot more on her romantic struggles between the two boys Warner and Adam.


This worked for me though, I will read anything will a really kick ass romance in it, especially with a love triangle. I didn't feel that it stood in the way of the story going on around it, the battle between the Reestablishment and Omega Point.


The third and final book, I felt, came to a bit of an abrupt end however. I did think that the final battle was somewhat rushed and pushed into the last eighty pages or so, considering that the rest of the book was about her relationship with Warner in particular. That is why I would be so happy if she wrote a fourth book, continuing on from where she left off.


But this trilogy held my interest, I stayed up late to finish it, I missed the characters when it was over, and I truly felt like I was with Juliette on her journey.


It was a great read, a fine piece of writing and a trilogy that I think every YA reader should read.