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2015 TBR and reading multiple books at the one time.

Today I received another Amazon package with gorgeous goodies inside.




Now this came after having went wild in my local bookstore, and then I felt a great sympathy for my bank balance. 




But let me tell you, it was well worth it. Now, usually if there's a trilogy or a series that I like the look of, I have usually bought all or as much as I could buy at once, of that series. But often at times I've been disappointed. So I decided to buy the first book in each series instead. 


My TBR collection is growing bigger AGAIN because of this. 



And it's only January...


Which leads me to my next topic: Reading multiple book's at once. 


Can you really do this and get the same enjoyment from each book as you would if you had dedicated your time to only one?


I'm currently reading Yes Please by Amy Poehler, and I also have two ebooks that are begging for my attention, as well as my new hard copies that just arrived today. What's a book lover to do?


So, for investigative purposes, I thought that I would at least try.


Has anyone else successfully managed to read multiple books at once? Have you enjoyed it, or not?