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A few of my Favourite books of 2014

So now that it's 2015, I'm up to the challenge of finding some more incredible books to rival the one's that I read last year, of which there was a lot!


So, on with the song and dance. I wont be giving full reviews of each of these books, but I will attach some links for you to check them out yourself, if you so wish.


The first series that I read this year was The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare.

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I don't think I stopped to eat or drink while I was reading these books, they are for lack of a better word, awesome!

I love reading YA books when there are incredible authors such as Cassandra. The series has everything you could want in it; romance, angels, demons, vampires, werewolves, even faeries. If you do one thing this year, and if you haven't already read this series, then do that.


Another series that I enjoyed was The Fairwick Chronicles by Carol Goodman.


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This story held my particular interest because, while it's set in a small sleepy town in the USA, it had very Celtic/Scottish elements in it, even a visit to Scotland in the last book, which I found very enjoyable.

The relationship between Callie and her Demon lover in this series is very... hot and steamy, but the development of it was so well done that I can't fault it in any way. My only criticism is that it's over.

However my journey with Carol Goodman will continue this year as I'm hoping to read another trilogy by her and her husband, who together go under the name Lee Carrol. So that's very exciting.


Probably the best trilogy that I read last year was the All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness.


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I wouldn't just say that this my favourite trilogy of 2014, I would say that it was my favourite trilogy ever! Deborah Harkness is an amazing writer who mixes historical fiction and fantasy together so well, that's it's just simply addictive.

Diana and Matthew are the main characters in the book and their relationship is so heart warming, sexy and truly beautiful, that I think I fell in love them... just a bit.

Deborah has gone above and beyond with her readers to make their experience special. She monitors and updates a Facebook page for both Diana and Matthew. This is particularly wonderful as the story doesn't seem to end, the characters seem very much alive and I think it was such a wonderful touch from an incredibly talented lady.


These are of course, just a few that I enjoyed in 2014. I could quite literally spend all day, maybe even a week just writing about them all.


Happy New Year!